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It's a fact that only around 5% of people at best that set out to become a full time stock trader actually succeed. Some make money at the start in a bull market, and then when the market rolls over they end up losing. How many go on to become long term successful traders in any market? Very few.
I am one of that 5% and I'm offering to teach any budding trader how to trade just like a pro. Just like these charts. This complete but simple course will teach you everything that's required to become a successful trader. Perfect entry and exit points, stop loss levels, how to find these trades, risk/reward ratios, money management, inside information and more. You will learn the standard pro set of rules. If you follow these rules you WILL tip the scales in your favor. I GUARANTEE IT!
Imagine if you could predict with astonishing accuracy, exactly where to enter and exit a trade. What if someone could show you the precise time to enter a reversing market? The charts on this page are examples of the entry and exit points I can not only produce, I can teach you to produce too.
I also cover risk management in detail. You need to know how much of your balance to risk on each trade and how much profit to expect risking that amount. This is a vital part of successful trading. To be a winning trader is quite straight forward if you are taught how to do it the right way by someone who knows exactly what the right way is. Someone who can pick entry points on a chart like the ones you see here?
Professionals use a method called High Probability Trading. This is where you enter a trade ONLY when the odds are heavily stacked in your favor. It's not a guarantee of winning every time, but along with careful risk management it gives you the best odds of success over the long term.
It means having patience and passing on a lot of trades. If you pick only the best trades at the best time on each market, you have the best chance of winning consistently over the long term. And the best part is there is very little technical analysis required.
Using basic and proven pro trader techniques, you'll be able to look at any chart and know instantly if it's worth trading now or soon. If it is, you'll know exactly where to place your orders to enter and exit your trades to give you the best chance of winning.
This course will open your eyes as to how to trade effectively and EASILY. It is a unique course and unlike anything else on the market today. You will be learning all the pro tricks and secrets. It will change your life. This a giant short cut to professional trading.
* If I can't show you how to trade easily and effectively I will refund your money in full.
* If anything I have claimed is not in the course or is not true I will refund your money in full.
It's that simple! You will learn how to trade successfully or recieve your money back. It's a big claim I'm making but if I can't deliver it won't cost you a cent.
Normally Priced at $995
Australialisted Special Price = $395 incl. GST & Shipping.
A course of this magnitude normally costs several thousand dollars so a few hundred is an absolute bargain.
If you have any questions please ask before purchase or visit my website.
Course comes on disk.